Galbani’s Celebrity “Chef Marco” Mark Sciortino

Mark Sciortino “Chef Marco”, owner of Marco’s Italian Restaurant in Buffalo, NY, has been
creating and serving traditional, family-favorite, Italian dishes for over 30 years. He also owns
numerous Marco’s Italian Delis across Western New York, tagged as “Home of the Original
SANGWICH!” which is a term used by many Italian communities in place of “sandwich”.

Lactalis American Group, Inc., headquartered in Buffalo, NY, is a subsidiary of Parmalat S.p.A.,
an Italian public entity majority-owned by France-based Groupe Lactalis – the world’s largest
producer of premium cheese. They hired Chef Marco in 2008 to be their spokesman for
Sorrento® Cheese. He demonstrated creative and fun cooking tips using their products for three
national TV shows. Due to his immense success as a TV personality, Chef Marco continues to
make appearances and performs cooking demos from coast to coast for the cheese company’s
sponsored Italian festivals under their new name Galbani® Cheese. Along with the festival
cooking demos, Marco has appeared on numerous morning shows in Los Angeles, South
Florida, and New York.

Currently, Chef Marco is hosting his ninth season of “Come Dine with Me WNY!” a local cooking
show in Galbani’s U.S. Corporate Headquarters, Buffalo, NY. He was also a featured chef on
“Winging it Buffalo Style,” another local morning show.

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