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Lend a hand and join the fun

Opportunities of all kinds

Want to explore your Italian ancestry? Love to play Bocce? Do you wish to be up close and personal with famous chefs? Festa Italiana has just the opportunity for you!

Each year, during the last week of September, our wonderful Festa is celebrated and enjoyed by thousands of people like yourself.

Not surprisingly, hundreds of volunteers work for months to bring this celebration together. Planning this event begins early in the Spring with dedicated volunteers and event chairs. Our general planning meetings are open to all interested and are entertaining by themselves. Come meet great people with a passion for “All Things Italian”…share a glass of wine and ideas.

Volunteers are a vital part of Festa Italiana. Without your help, there would be no festival.


Plenty of volunteers are needed in many areas

Have a spare hour? Come cook Italian sausages, help clean tables, work in the souvenir booth or welcome guests to Foto Italiana.
Have lots of spare hours? We can find an activity for you to chair!

All volunteers will receive an invitation to the Volunteer Appreciation Dinner, now to be held in the Spring each year to express the thanks of the Community.


Festa Volunteer Appreciation Dinner

6 PM, Thursday April 25, 2024
Mt. Virgin School Hall,
1531 Bradner Place S.
Seattle WA 98144-3803

More Information

Need more information? Please contact us or call our office at (206) 282-0627
Download a Volunteer Application Form and let us know how you would like to help.
Finding your way to and around Seattle Center.

Award Recipients

Patricia DeLaurenti Volunteer of the Year Award

Volunteer of the Year Award recipients honored for their outstanding contributions to Festa Italiana.

2022Steve Spellman
2019Patrick Henry
2018Martin Nigrelle
2017John Venables
2016Joanne Spino Marchese
2015Cathy Mettler
2014Michele Guerrini
2013Brian DiJulio
2012Gary Galeotti
2011Ron Roletto
2010David & Rosemary Fries
2009Ray & Caroline Petre
2008*Michael Carrosino
2007Carolyn Jackson
2006Tino & JoAnne Lazzaretti
2005Nello Prissinotti
2004Lou Cella
2003Rich Bruno

*In 2008 the award was renamed as the “Patricia DeLaurenti Volunteer of the Year Award.”

Gill A. Centioli Award

Gill A. Centioli Award Recipients, honored for their “Success, achievement and continued positive reflection on the Italian community.”

2023Gary Galeotti
2022Borracchini Family
2019Franco Tesorieri
2018The Croce Family
2017Brian DiJulio
2016Jerry Mascio
2015Mike James
2014Joe Fugere
2013Jules Orsucci
2012Gerard Centioli
2011Joan Razore
2010Armandino Batali
2009Frank Isernio
2008Dom Driano
2007Lou Guzzo
2006Art Oberto
2005Sam Volpentest
2004John Croce
2003Julius Rosso
2002Nick Grossi
2001Gene Merlino
2000Remo Borracchini
1999Louie & Pat DeLaurenti
1998Mike Mastro
1997Al Rosellini
1996*Dorene Centioli-McTigue
1995Vic Rosellini
1994Mike Rosella
1993The Gai Family
1992Josie Razore
1991Gill Centioli
1990John DiJulio
1989Angelo Pellegrini

*In 1996 the award was renamed as the “Gill A. Centioli Award.”

Nick and Ginny

Dennis (headphones) and Chef Giuliano Bugiali

Volunteer Christy Luce and “Molto Mario” Batali

Volunteers in Wine and Beer Garden

Dino and Lou hold down the wine bar.

Volunteers Joel and Dale Patience with chef Nick Stellino

Joel and Dale Patience with chef Nick Stellino.

Tino and Joanne Lazzaretti

Tino and Joanne Lazzaretti.