A Free Art Competition starring you the public!

The opportunity of a lifetime to compete in the Festa Italiana Art Competition!

Compete for splendid prizes and be celebrated by your community

  • Eligibility
    • Everyone is welcome, just share your vision of what Festa means to you!
  • Rules
    • Almost everything goes but family-friendly, so nothing violent, obscene or dangerous please.
    • Must be original work.
  • Judging
    • Overall best in show and four age groups:
      • Bimbi (1-12)
      • Ragazzi (13-19)
      • Giovani (20-39)
      • Adulti (40+)
  • Space
    • Space is available on a first-come, first-served basis.
    • The space available currently consists of multiple panels, 7′ to 3.5′, and a few flat surfaces.

Place to deliver artwork

Seattle Center Armory, at the Art Contest exhibition section, in front of the Armory Stage.

Times to deliver artwork (updated)

2:00pm – 6:50pm, Friday, 09.28.18
9:00am – 7:00pm Saturday, 09.29.18
9:00am – 4:00pm Sunday, 09.30.18


Please remember to pick up your items before the end of the Festival, Sunday at 7:00 pm at the latest.


Max number of items allowed

Small: 4
Medium or Large: 2
Be advised, if participating in the competition, please select the competition piece.
Able to exhibit non-competition pieces, within limits above.

Heavy and 3D Items

For heavy items, if bringing them by car, Friday afternoon is best time to deliver. Saturday and Sunday delivery will be difficult. Sunday evening load out is possible.

For 3D items, please contact us in advance to see if we can accommodate your work. Very heavy, 3000 lb blocks of granite for example are a “no”, but a picture of such a project would be great!

Item space / hanging

For framed items

There will be nailed in holders.

For unframed

We will have tacks/nails.

For art creation spaces

There will be a few butcher paper covered tables near the exhibition space.



To participate in the competition, or to exhibit artwork without participating in the competition, it will be a requirement to sign a release of liability waiver (on site).

Lo Abbraccio by David Varnau

Lo Abbraccio, bronze,
by David Varnau.