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Family Fun at Festa

The emphasis that Italian-Americans, and Italian immigrants in general, place upon family means that any festival based on a love of All Things Italian is going to be very kid-friendly in just about every aspect.

Everywhere you look there’s food, music and colorful dancing. (We only ask that children don’t go in the Wine and Beer Gardens!) Nevertheless, there are some activities at the Italian Festival that have been specifically designed for the younger set.

Tino’s Cortile, Seattle Center Armory

Tino’s Cortile is back in full force this year and running on all four cylinders. We are especially excited because one of our signature events, THE KIDS PIZZA TOSS, will again be held three times each day and in a new location, UPSTAIRS IN THE ARMORY. Just look up as you enter the 3rd Floor and you’ll see the kids at the top of the stairs. That is also where the children’s “HANDS-ON” ART ACTIVITIES will also be held. Face Painting will be there as well but at the bottom of the stairs.

Italian Puppies

There will be a live exhibit of Italian Dog breeds for one day only, in front of the Fisher Pavilion. Your kids will not want to miss this!

Times: 10:00am to 3:00pm, Sunday only.

Face Painting

Face Painting will be offered in the Armory by Giggles Entertainment, for a modest charge.

Times: from 11:00 AM, both Saturday & Sunday.

Children with faces painted, photo

The Festa Pizza Toss

A family favorite, the famous Festa Pizza Toss is back and happens throughout Festa Weekend.

Times: 12 noon, 2:00pm and 4:00pm, both Saturday & Sunday.

Costantino Lazzaretti

In memory of our good friend and avid supporter, Tino Lazzaretti, the Kids Courtyard at the Italian Festival has been renamed “Tino’s Cortile.” In this small way, Festa seeks to honor his legacy of promoting education for children, especially children of immigrants, as a means to fulfillment of “the American Dream.” Sponsored in perpetuity by the Costantino Lazzaretti Endowment.

Photo of Constantino "Tino" Lazzaretti as a child