Food, art, products and cultural organizations

Something for everyone

When you plan your Festa weekend, be sure to take a look at our exhibitors and vendor booths. We’ve been fortunate over the years to attract a wide variety of participants that will likely have something of interest for everyone in your group.


Where and when

Most vendor booths are in the Fisher Pavilion, but you’ll find others in and around other Festa activities.
Saturday and Sunday, 10AM-6PM.

Note that on Saturday night some vendors will be open until the music stops at 9:00pm.


If you’re interested in having a booth at the Festa Italiana weekend celebrations please contact us.


  • Agrodolce Southern Italian Cuisine – Fisher Food Court
  • Al Forno Feruzza Pizza – Fisher Food Court
  • Borracchini’s Bakery – Fisher Pavilion + Fisher Food Court
  • DiJulio Pasta – Fisher Pavilion
  • Festa Italiana Sodas – Fisher Pavilion
  • Festa Pasta Booth – Fisher Food Court
  • Festa Sausage Sandwiches – Fisher Food Court
  • Tutta Bella’s D’Asporto Food Truck – Fisher Apron (North Side)
  • Shiskaberries – Fisher Food Court
  • Sons of Italy (Seattle) Meatball Sandwiches – Fisher Food Court


  • Dante Alighieri Society – Fisher Pavilion
  • Eastside Genealogical Society – Fisher Pavilion
  • il Punto Cultural Center – Fisher Pavilion
  • Italian Club of Seattle – Fisher Pavilion
  • Seattle-Perugia Sister City Association – Fisher Pavilion
  • West Side Italian Civic Club – Fisher Pavilion


  • Festa Cooking Demonstrations – Fisher Food Court
  • Festa Pizza Toss – Tino’s Cortile (Armory)
  • Oberto Bocce Tournament – SC Pavilion
  • “Opera Magic” for Kids – Tino’s Cortile (Armory)
  • Tutta Bella Grape Stomp – Fisher Food Court


  • 11 Olives Olive Oil & Vinegars – Fisher Pavilion
  • Apple Cox Designs – Armory
  • Books About Italy – Fisher Pavilion
  • Eastside Genealogy – Fisher Pavilion
  • Facepainting with Giggles – Tino’s Cortile (Armory)
  • Festa Classic Italian Vehicles – International Fountain
  • Festa Souvenir Booth – Fisher Pavilion
  • Full Circle Produce Delivery – Fisher Food Court
  • Historical Photo Exhibit – Armory
  • Italian Dog Show – Armory Roadway
  • Italian Language Classes – Armory
  • – Fisher Pavilion
  • Jewelry of Italy – Fisher Pavilion
  • Le Arti della Festa Art Show (Armory)
  • OSA F.C. Soccer Classes – Tino’s Cortile (Armory)
  • Pacific Food Importers (PFI) – Fisher Pavilion
  • Naples Drizzle Condiments – Fisher Pavilion
  • Silver Dreams Fashion Jewelry – Fisher Pavilion
  • West Coast Italian Radio Show – Fisher Pavilion

Italian Language Classes

The Dante Alighieri Society

The Dante Alighieri Society of Washington has been participating in Festa for 33 years. One of their most popular activities is a series of Italian Language Classes hosted on Seattle University Campus (now online only) and taught by qualified native speakers under the coordination of Prof. Giuseppe Tassone. Fall quarter begins on October 1st with four levels of Italian from A1 to B2. Take a look at some samples of their online classes from this past summer or try your hand at Domenico (“Nick”) Minotti’s Italian Food Quiz and Presentation.