Classic Italian Vehicle Registration

Please provide the following information in an email, or print, complete and mail to the contact address below.

Due to security reasons, vehicles not pre-registered cannot be admitted on day(s) of event. Registration must be received no later than Thursday, September 23, 2021.


Vehicle Exhibitor Registration

Yes, I would like to display my “Classic Italian Vehicle” at the Annual Festa Italiana (Italian Heritage Festival), on the weekend September 25th & 26th, 2021. This registration confirms my intention to participate in the Festa Italiana on the date(s) indicated with the listed vehicle.

For pedestrian safety, all vehicles should be parked no later than 10am (opening time), and should remain until a “group” departure between 4pm and 5pm; emergency departures will be accommodated upon request (and include a “walk-out” guide).

After registering, if you become unable to participate, please contact Vehicle Show chair James Emmi or email him at <> as early as possible before the festival.


I understand this is a public event; Seattle Center will provide only normal patrolling security during daylight and evening/overnight hours. I recognize, as with every public event, there is potential risk of damage. It is my decision whether or not to be present for all or part of the period when my car is displayed. I understand that the Festa organization and/or staff cannot accept responsibility for security of my vehicle.

Vehicle* #1

Year: ____ Make: ____________ Model: ___________

Style: ___________ Engine: _________

Display Days (circle choice): BOTH Sept. 25 & 26 — OR — Sat., Sept. 25 only — OR — Sun., Sept. 26 only.


Telephone: _________________________________

Address: ___________________________________

Emergency Telephone (9/25 – 9/26): _______________________

Club/Association: __________________________________

*NOTE: You are certainly welcome to display more than one vehicle, or to display a different vehicle(s) each day. Please provide the above information for each vehicle.

Thanks! See You there.


James Emmi, Auto Detailing
4349 – 12th Ave. South
Seattle, WA 98108-1415
Cell: (206) 877-3772
James Emmi <>